A downloadable game for Windows

you heading home but theres something in the woods.

left mouse button to open doors and pick up items .

Published Jun 09, 2018

Install instructions

1 unzipped 

2 just have fun


Escape From Fear 2.0.zip 42 MB

Development log


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An awesome ending! I enjoyed it much more than before, thanks for watching and updating the game :) Highly recommend for a quick, interesting, horror game experience!

in the next update there will be 3  more monsters outside

you can jump in second level

you can open gates and more

Interesting Game! I enjoyed the tense atmosphere but I felt like the monster wasn't very much of a threat. I look forward to seeing more improvements upon this game :)
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thanks for playing my game but I totally forgot to add a collider to house (outside) and a lamp thank you bring me ideas about the end .

and in the next update I will make monster run faster.

one more thing you can open the gates and you must follow the  path filed with rocks

Thanks for the tip, I will try it again once I get a chance!